Just in Time – Early Warning – Risk Management System

EARLY BIRD is a Just in Time – Early Warning – Risk Management System.

The aim of EARLY BIRD is to recognise project crises with the help of Artificial Intelligence as they arise. This gives project management the opportunity to intervene timely and initiate countermeasures. The earlier action is taken, the smaller the impact is on the project.

The “digital noise” in projects today are all documents, such as plans, e-mails, orders, tender, protocols, terms and conditions, etc., that are exchanged on a project using a project platform or server.

How does it work?

The EARLY BIRD program recognises the early emergence of project crises in this “digital noise” of projects by means of annotators and Artificial Intelligence.

The result is 8 risk clusters already carrying out risk assessments for individual events. The relevant documents and data records are displayed and are available to the project managers for evaluation.

What are its benefits?

The added customer value ranges from avoiding additional costs, increasing project stability to greater satisfaction for all project participants.

With the support of the algorithms, the risk manager or the project manager can concentrate on the value-adding tasks and their core competencies.


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